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the street sweeper

Good quality truck-mounted crane for sales
Good quality truck-mounted crane for sales
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the street sweeper

China 6cub and 12 cum compress rate 1:3 compressed garbage vehicle factory

6cub and 12 cum compress rate 1:3 compressed garbage vehicle

Compressed garbage trucks are mainly used for transporting various kinds of garbage in municipal, sanitation and large factories and mines, especially for transporting domestic garbage. The garbage can be ... Read More
2019-03-18 11:51:11
China Street Sweeper Flusher factory

Street Sweeper Flusher

SMJ5160TXSD5 Street Flusher Introduction: SMJ5160TXSD5 New generation intelligent road sweeper and road flusher. Act as road sweeper or road washer simultaneously or individually Integrated functions of ... Read More
2017-04-24 14:59:44
China Garbage Compactor Truck factory

Garbage Compactor Truck

Garbage Compactor is the machinery of choice for door to door collection of waste. The collected waste is simultaneously compacted and eventually transported to the dumping site. Compactors have multiple ... Read More
2017-04-24 14:03:09
China SMJ5070TXSQ4 Cleaner factory

SMJ5070TXSQ4 Cleaner

Introduction: SMJ5070TXSQ4 Chassis: Qingling Europ III Assistant engine: Japanese Isuzu diesel engines Two functions: road washing and sweeping, act both washer and cleaner Application: for the washing, ... Read More
2015-05-18 09:39:49
China SMJ5020TSLE4 Sweeper factory

SMJ5020TSLE4 Sweeper

Introduction: Introduction: SMJ5020TSLE4 Chassis: Changan SC1022DB4N Europe IV Application: for the sweeping of district roads, square, and sidewalk. Features: 1. Two brooms in middle and the suck ports in the ... Read More
2014-12-03 10:13:54
China SMJ5070TSLQ4 CLEANER factory


Introduction: Introduction: SMJ5070TSLQ4 Chassis: Qingling ISUZU Features: 1. Hign intelligent operation box, with few buttons, easy to operate. 2. Applied the imported thread cartridge valve, which make the ... Read More
2014-11-14 11:50:52
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