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The advantages of our over big power vehicle alternator

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Good quality truck-mounted crane for sales
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The advantages of our over big power vehicle alternator
The advantages of our over big power vehicle alternator

The big power capacity automobile alternator produced by our company is a successful example of using rare earth elements to improve the utilization rate of magnetic conductive materials. Our company has a number of internationally leading patented generator technologies, and the output power of our generator is doubled under the same volume. The Max. can reach 28V 500A. At present, the company has cooperated with Qingdao Shenwo Bus in batches, and carried out tests in Jinhua Youth Automobile, Shenfei Hino Bus, Xiwo, Henan Shaolin and Zhongtong Bus. Through the customer's two-year operation, the product quality is proved to be stable and reliable.

Compared with other companies' similar products, the company has the following advantages:


1.The warranty period of our generator is two years or 200,000 kilometers. During the warranty period, due to product quality problems, our company will repair and replace it for free. The warranty period of other companies' similar products is one year or 100,000 kilometers.


2. The conversion efficiency is high (more than 80%, other companies' products is only 50%-60%). The fuel saving is obvious. Compared our 150A generators with those from other manufacturers, the generator is used at full load. Running 10 hours a day, which can save 6 liters per day.


3. The output characteristic is better under the idle speed and low speed state (please refer the output characteristic curve), the working voltage can be established when the generator speed is 800 rpm. When the engine of the vehicle is running at idle speed, the output current of the generator can meet the power demand of the whole vehicle, do not need to increase the speed of the vehicle when turn on the air conditioner, in this way to achieve the fuel saving effect and the engine structure is simplified. In addition, due to the good output characteristics, the current in the battery is not used during the use of the vehicle except the starting , the battery is kept in a saturated state, which improves the service life of the battery.


4. A robust and stable self-excitation system is designed to the generation and the regulator is with short circuit protection and soft starting function. The electricity requirements can be met without buttery or a damaged battery. Therefore, the generator can be connected in parallel with the battery, and can also be directly connected to the air conditioner, thereby eliminating the capacitor box between the generator and the air conditioner thereby reducing the cost.


5. multi tubes rectifier structure, if any of the tubes is damaged, the others can work normally.


6. multi-unit power generation structure is adopted, the independent power generation units simultaneously generate electricity. When a certain unit of the generator fails, the generator can still meet the basic power demand of the vehicle;


7. A fan structure in which the front and rear end covers simultaneously enter the air is adopted, and the cooling wind first cools the bearings to lower the working environment temperature of the bearing, thereby effectively improving the service life of the bearing;


8. The generator adopts avalanche diode to enhance overvoltage protection and surge voltage protection, and the avalanche voltage is 38-43V, which avoids the damage to the engine ECU and the vehicle electrical appliance by the instantaneous high voltage.

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