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The advantages of the super large power generators

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The advantages of the super large power generators

JFZ2910-300 integral alternator is a super-power rare-earth generator and a successful example of using rare earth elements to improve the utilization of magnetically conductive materials.

Compared with the available 28V 150A alternation, it is with the following advantages:

1. small size and large power generation, cmpared with the existing 28V150A generator, the rare earth generator has an output power of 28V300A in the same volume.

2. The power is large and the specific power is high. At present, the power of the rare earth generator can reach 28V500A, and the specific power reaches 560W/kg.

3. low rotation speed, strong power generation, Output current is 150A at 1500 rpm, 200A at 1800 rpm, 250A at 2100 rpm, and can work continuously and stably.

4. High conversion efficiency and obvious fuel saving effect. Compared one 28V300A generator with 2 28V 150A , this rare earth generator can save armature loss of 1950W, excitation loss of 200W, fan loss of 220W, friction loss of 60W, and total savings 2430W. According to the calculation of the motor vehicle running for 10 hours every day, it can save 6 liters per day.

5. Long service life and stable running, The unique rectifier bridge design of the rare earth generator adopts multi-tube rectification and multi-unit power generation structure, and multiple independent power generation units simultaneously generate electricity. When a certain unit of the generator fails, the generator can still meet the basic power demand of the vehicle. the generator's carbon brush and slip ring are fully sealed, which greatly improves the sand resistance and reliability of this key component.

The generator adopts an inner fan structure in which the front and rear end covers simultaneously enter the air, and the cooling wind first cools the bearing parts of the front and rear end covers, so that the working environment temperature of the bearing is lowered, and the service life of the bearing can be effectively improved.

6. Self-exciting is strong and can work normally without battery. General, it is difficult for a generator to establish a working magnetic field without the initial excitation of the battery, and even if it is barely established, it cannot work stably. The generator is designed with a strong and stable self-excitation system, which can work normally without battery or battery damaged, to meet the power demand of the vehicle. Ensure the operation of the vehicle.

The company specializes in customizing various special-purpose generators such as ultra-high power, ultra-small volume and ultra-high efficiency.

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